Metallocene polyethylene new product!
 2022/12/26 | View:398

Up to December 22nd, Daqing Petrochemical Company produced 5863 tons of new metallocene polyethylene resin MPEF1810, with a daily output of 120 tons. After being sold in northeast, north and east China, the core performance indexes of the products meet the requirements of manufacturers for purchasing raw materials for high-performance products, and the market prospect of the products is good.


The successful development of this new product can realize the substitution of imported products, which has considerable economic and social benefits. At the same time, it also indicates that the metallocene polyethylene product system of Daqing Petrochemical Company is more complete and its market competitiveness is further enhanced.

Metallocene polyethylene resin MPEF1810 product is a special resin for producing repackaging composite film. The film processed by it can effectively improve the strength of repackaging film, with good mechanical properties, and is widely used in the fields of blown stretch film, food packaging bags, multilayer composite film products, etc.

It is understood that the domestic demand for repackaging film keeps increasing at a fast rate every year. At the end of 2021, Daqing Petrochemical decided to develop new MPEF1810 products and seize the market of special resin for repackaging composite film on the premise of market research and comparison of similar devices.

Compared with other devices, the linear device in plastic factory has less load, and has the advantage of small ship and easy turning around, which is the main force of new product development. In the middle of August this year, the trial production of metallocene polyethylene resin MPEF1810 started in the linear unit of Daqing Petrochemical Plastics Factory. Because it is the first time to use domestic catalyst to produce membrane material, and the special material DQDN3711 for pipe is switched to membrane material MPEF1810 online, there are many uncertain factors such as production fluctuation and reactor caking, and the technological requirements are high.

Before production, the plastics plant adhered to the concept of "seven points for preparation and three points for work", made overall production planning in advance, held a special technical analysis meeting, carefully analyzed and judged various process parameters of the brand, predicted and judged the brand switching and possible problems in the production process in advance, formulated treatment measures, and carried out technical disclosure and special training for team members.

MPEF1810 new products are scheduled for production three times from August to October. During the production process, the management technicians constantly optimized the parameters, appropriately increased the reaction speed, and increased the catalyst activity by increasing the ethylene concentration in the reactor, which reduced the fine powder content in the reactor and prolonged the operation cycle of the unit, thus accumulating valuable experience for the future mass production.

Metallocene polyethylene resin MPEF1810 product was processed and applied on the film blowing machine in the packaging product workshop in September. Through performance test, compared with the repackaging film produced by similar products, the repackaging film produced by MPEF1810 can fully meet the production requirements and meet the product quality index. At present, the use of MPEF1810 in packaging products workshop has saved about 150,000 yuan.