Accelerate the research and development of new medical materials!
 2024/05/07 | View:202

Guided by "high-precision, sophisticated and specialized", Lanzhou Petrochemical Company has accelerated the research and development of new products and materials around the market demand, worked hard in key areas and overcome the "stuck neck" link, and promoted more scientific and technological achievements to be transformed into realistic new quality productivity, empowering the company's high-quality development. In the first quarter, the company produced 1,979 tons of medical material RPE02M, a year-on-year increase of 210%.

The company insists on taking innovation as the first driving force to lead development, and strengthens key core technology research. After years of painstaking research and technical research, the company has developed three brands of special materials for the outer layer of three-layer composite film on medical polyolefin series, which broke the monopoly of foreign products on the domestic market, realized the butterfly change of medical materials from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, and filled the blank of domestic medical drug packaging materials; The standardized operation list was compiled, and the technical and operating personnel were organized to accurately control the process stability rate and the qualified rate of central control, thus ensuring the stable and efficient operation of the device.

In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, Lanzhou Petrochemical has gathered wisdom to tackle key problems and made great efforts to break through the bottleneck in the application of medical materials. In order to solve the problem of high powder dust and filamentous dust content in medical materials products, the company strengthened the qualification audit of raw material suppliers and strictly controlled the quality from the beginning of raw material import; Optimize process control in the whole process of reaction control and granulation, accurately adjust key process parameters, ensure the smooth operation of the device and steadily improve product quality.

In the delivery of medical materials, Lanzhou Petrochemical Chemical Storage and Transportation Center has done a good job of connecting production and sales, optimized the operation plan, and organized accurate operation of post personnel to ensure the safe and smooth delivery of medical materials from warehousing operation.