Stretch film

The flow is extruded through the T-shaped structure forming mold and extended to the roll surface of the smoothly rotating cooling roller. The film is cooled and shaped on the cooling roller, and then the product is rewound after traction and trimming.
Polypropylene (PP) Is a polymer formed by the addition reaction of propylene.White waxy material, transparent and light in appearance.The chemical formula is (C3H6) N, the density is 0.89 ~ 0.91g/cm3 inflammable, the melting point is 165℃, and the temperature ranges from -30 ~ 140℃ to soften around 155℃.The polypropylene of Longchang petrochemical can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt liquid and a variety of organic solvents under 80℃, and can be decomposed under high temperature and oxidation.Polypropylene is widely used in clothing, blankets and other fiber products, medical equipment, cars, bicycles, spare parts, transportation pipelines, chemical containers and other production, also used in food, medicine packaging.
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Product(GRADE)Melt mass flow rate,g/10minUsagePDF
L5D982.6~4.2BOPP filmDOWNLOAD
CP35FSpecial material for CPP aluminum coatingNO DOWNLOAD
W0723F6~9Suitable for high quality packaging film and the formation of composite high quality packaging film with other PP films CPP thermal seal layerDOWNLOAD
DY-725EFSpecial CPP corona layer for casting filmNO DOWNLOAD
TF10076~9Three - yuan CPP heat seal layer, including opening agent and smoothing agentDOWNLOAD

Industries and applications