Blow molding

Thermoplastic resin by extrusion or injection molding to get the tubular plastic billet, while hot (or heating to the softening state), placed in the fold-open mold, mold closed immediately after the billet into the compressed air, so that the plastic billet blown and close to the mold wall, after cooling off, that is, to get all kinds of hollow products.
High density polyethylene
High density polyethylene (HDPE) is a white powder or granular product.Non-toxic, tasteless, crystallinity is 80% ~ 90%, softening point is 125 ~ 135℃, using temperature up to 100℃;Hardness, tensile strength and creep property are better than low density polyethylene.Longchang petrochemical high density polyethylene has good wear resistance, electrical insulation, toughness and cold resistance.Good chemical stability, at room temperature, insoluble in any organic solvents, acid, alkali and various salts corrosion resistance;The film has low permeability to water vapor and air and low water absorption;Aging resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance is not as good as low density polyethylene, especially thermal oxidation will make its performance decline, so the resin must be added antioxidant and uv absorbent to improve the shortage of this aspect.The thermal deformation temperature of hdPE film is low under the condition of stress, so attention should be paid in application.
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High density polyethylene

Product(GRADE)Melt mass flow rate,g/10minUsagePDF
55020.19-0.31Hollow: Small hollow container used for the production of chemicals, household products, oil and food containersDOWNLOAD
620023-33Hollow: Small hollow container (less than 5 l), suitable for chemicals, household products, oil and foodDOWNLOAD
B53-35H-0110.35Packaging bottles, drums, automobile water tanks and other industrial products, up to 30L packaging containers, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics containersDOWNLOAD
5621D0.35Small hollow, especially suitable for food and drug packagingDOWNLOAD
5300BMedium hollow material, suitable for manufacture of containers up to 25 l and up to 50 lNO DOWNLOAD
61477~13Medium hollow material, suitable for manufacture of containers up to 25 l and up to 50 lDOWNLOAD
54201.5-2.5Suitable for large-scale blow molding production, used for the production of large blow molding containers with the greatest demand for toughness, 220l tank for chemicals, etc.DOWNLOAD
45065.5-7.5IBC barrel is characterized by large rigidity, creep resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high space utilization, good sanitation, safety and reliability, etc. It is widely used in the packaging, storage, transportation and turnover of petrochemical, medicine, food, coating, liquid and dangerous goods, etc.The new product has high rigidity and high impact resistanceDOWNLOAD

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