After the polymer is extruded and stretched to form continuous filament, the filament is laid into a net, and the fiber net is then bonded by itself, thermal bonding, chemical bonding or mechanical reinforcement to make the fiber net into non-woven cloth.
Polypropylene (PP) Is a polymer formed by the addition reaction of propylene.White waxy material, transparent and light in appearance.The chemical formula is (C3H6) N, the density is 0.89 ~ 0.91g/cm3 inflammable, the melting point is 165℃, and the temperature ranges from -30 ~ 140℃ to soften around 155℃.The polypropylene of Longchang petrochemical can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt liquid and a variety of organic solvents under 80℃, and can be decomposed under high temperature and oxidation.Polypropylene is widely used in clothing, blankets and other fiber products, medical equipment, cars, bicycles, spare parts, transportation pipelines, chemical containers and other production, also used in food, medicine packaging.
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Product(GRADE)Melt mass flow rate,g/10minUsagePDF
BH20~28Polypropylene chipDOWNLOAD
BL16~22Polypropylene chipDOWNLOAD
Z30S18-32Suitable for drawing, low denier short fiber, fixed length fiber, non-woven cloth, BCF and CF multi-fiber, cigarette holder silk, filter silk, etcDOWNLOAD
S204033~41High speed spinning, fine denier staple fiber, continuous filament, non-woven raw materialsDOWNLOAD
S90028~40Textiles and spinning productsDOWNLOAD
H39S-240-50Bundling, packing bag, steering wheel coverDOWNLOAD
1101S23~29High speed spinning, carpet, sportswear, bagsDOWNLOAD
1101SC25~45Eisai non-woven clothDOWNLOAD

Industries and applications