Open up new uses of coker wax oil!
 2022/05/23 | View:45

The reporter learned from Jilin Petrochemical that the company's first batch of low-sulfur marine fuel oil blended with coker wax oil was analyzed and tested by a third party, and 35 test items all met the national standards. This marks the success of Jilin Petrochemical in tackling key problems of low sulfur marine fuel oil.

Coking wax oil is the product oil of delayed coking unit. Coking wax oil is generally the raw material of secondary processing unit, but due to its poor cracking performance, excessive blending will affect the product distribution of FCC unit and the long-term safe and stable operation of the unit, so coking wax oil is in surplus for a long time. Affected by the epidemic situation, the product storage in the first quarter was at a high level.

Faced with the contradiction of material balance, Jilin Petrochemical Company stuck to the market thinking of all employees, kept its eyes on the market, and turned its actions around the benefits. In March, it quickly set up a joint research team. Starting from the nature of coker wax oil, technicians have made ideological breakthroughs, technological breakthroughs and technological breakthroughs, discussed the destination of coker wax oil, and turned "burden" into "wealth".

After repeated demonstration, Jilin Petrochemical technicians decided to use coker wax oil to blend and produce low-sulfur marine fuel oil, and immediately set about formulating the process optimization scheme and blending ratio scheme. Technicians have conducted five laboratory blending experiments, and finally formed a scheme with the best technological process and the highest proportion of coke and wax blending. It is estimated that the cost per ton of low-sulfur marine fuel oil can be reduced by 70 yuan by blending with low-cost coking wax oil.

Jilin Petrochemical technicians carefully evaluated the properties of vacuum residue, refined diesel oil and coker wax oil involved in blending, and carried out two minor experiments to avoid unqualified blended oil due to the change of oil properties. At the same time, organize special staff to continuously track and manage large tanks of blended low-sulfur marine fuel oil to ensure accurate flow control and blending ratio.

In the theme education activities, Jilin Petrochemical further emancipated its mind and changed its concept, which made the "value" of coker wax oil soar. In the next step, the company will continue to aim at the actual production and operation, vigorously carry out experience summary and technical research, and create conditions for the stable, long and excellent operation of the plant and the maximization of benefits.