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What's the packing details?
 2022/04/01 | View:1094

Under normal circumstances, we can deliver goods in two ways, with different packaging methods.Generally, our packing is 25Kg/bag.


The first case: bulk carrier shipment, which is more suitable for purchasing large tonnage goods, and the transportation cost is relatively low.

If ship by bulk vessel, the packing is 1 MT BIG BAGS (40 SACKS OF 25KG INSIDE OF THE BIG BAGS).


The second case: container shipment, which is more suitable for purchasing small tonnage goods, such as 20GP or 40HQ.

If shipping by container can be divided into two cases, namely, shipping with or without pallets, generally, one pallet can carry 1 ton (40 BAGS) or 1.25 tons (50 BAGS).


Container-with pallet


Container-no pallet