Ukrainian petrochemical new foaming agent!
 2024/03/25 | View:311

On March 14th, the first batch of 300 tons of F6 pentane foaming agent produced by Urumqi Petrochemical Company successfully passed the quality inspection, which will create new profit growth points for the company.

For a long time, based on market demand, Urumqi Petrochemical has accelerated the development of characteristic new products, and strived to make every drop of oil more valuable through more advanced technology, almost strict quality control and lean management, win the market with product diversification and win customers with quality and reliability.

Pentane foaming agent is a safe and environmentally friendly new chemical foaming material, which is widely used in the fields of buildings, automobiles, explosion-proof devices and so on, and can bring greater convenience and benefits to production and life. After the Spring Festival this year, the construction of key projects in Xinjiang gradually picked up, and the light hydrocarbon workshop of Urumqi Petrochemical Refinery received the production task of 300 tons of F6 pentane foaming agent. In the production process, Urumqi Petrochemical implemented an online adjustment scheme to help the device achieve refined operation and control, providing a powerful starting point for efficient production of enterprises. Workshop technicians optimized the process flow, added online blending control function to DCS system of 300,000 tons/young hydrocarbon separation unit, and successfully produced F6 pentane foaming agent by combining the unique high-efficiency separation capacity of the unit. At the same time, the energy-saving mode was started, and the mode of "two towers and low reflux operation" of isopentane tower and n-pentane tower was innovatively adopted, which promoted the energy consumption per ton of products to be reduced by about 20%, and achieved remarkable results in energy conservation and environmental protection.

"Through technical research, the workshop expanded the functions of DCS software, and realized the simplification and accuracy of the production process of different types of foaming agents, effectively solving the problems of decreased stability rate, difficult operation and high production energy consumption caused by the switching of different product brands." Yang Tai, a technician in the light hydrocarbon workshop, said.

Through dynamic simulation calculation and sampling analysis, F6 pentane foaming agent has successfully entered the product tank, and the qualified rate of the product reaches 100%, and the whole production process is shortened by 5 days compared with the previous one.