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 2024/05/13 | View:257

Daqing Petrochemical successfully introduced raffinate oil to participate in gasoline blending, which effectively solved the problems of high olefin content, excessive octane number of gasoline and large amount of alkylated oil. As of May 5th, this company used 1,039 tons of raffinate oil, which promoted the output of No.92 ethanol gasoline to increase by 4%.

According to the technical requirements and test methods of motor gasoline, the 5# tank in the 40 tank farm is used to store and store raffinate oil in the finished oil loading operation area of the Refinery, Storage and Transportation Department. In the process of oil blending, the post staff strictly implemented the blending system commissioning plan and supporting operation cards, strictly controlled the quality of oil products, reduced the excess octane number from about 2 units to about 0.6 units, saved 3% of high-value alkylated oil, and created conditions for blending 95 # ethanol gasoline. Daqing Petrochemical Company broke the bottleneck of oil blending and achieved remarkable results. The raffinate oil is changed from naphtha to blended gasoline component oil, and the saved alkylate oil can blend about 10 thousand tons of 95 # ethanol gasoline every month. At the same time, the olefin control index of catalytic gasoline is appropriately relaxed, which can reduce the cost by more than 8 million yuan per month.