Increase the productivity of agricultural film!
 2024/03/18 | View:296

As of March 11th, the agricultural film product DFDA7042N of Fushun Petrochemical Company has increased by over 4,000 tons compared with the planned output, and the load of the agricultural film production device-450,000 tons/year linear low density polyethylene device has reached 105%. The packaged agricultural film products are quickly loaded and transported to the national market by car and train.

Fushun Petrochemical Company optimized and adjusted its business strategy according to the market demand in spring, strengthened the connection between production, supply, storage and marketing, and helped the spring ploughing. Various brands of polyethylene agricultural film and film resin products produced by the company have been recognized by the market for their excellent performance and become the best-selling products in the market.

Fushun Petrochemical Company started production of membrane materials at full capacity, adjusted production by giving full play to technological advantages, and comprehensively considered the operation of equipment, material balance and the connection of production organization, so as to start the production increase of membrane materials as soon as possible. The company continuously optimizes the production process, refines the operation, and increases the device load; Deepen the improvement of product quality, carry out targeted technical transformation of additive blanking system of low-density device, and ensure that the qualified rate of ex-factory product quality reaches 100%.

Fushun Petrochemical Company keeps a close eye on the index of agricultural film products for spring ploughing, strengthens technological innovation, and optimizes the formulation and performance index of additives specifically for the transparency and strength of greenhouse film materials, and develops a new product of low-density polyethylene transparent film special material DFDA-9047 with better rigidity, toughness, heat and cold resistance and market competitiveness.

The company makes every effort to connect supply, production and marketing, strengthen the management of chemical polymer warehouse, speed up the packaging of resin products, scientifically and orderly arrange vehicles, actively strive for the capacity of trains and automobiles, and increase communication and coordination with sales companies to ensure the smooth launch of agricultural film products on the market.