High-end characteristic market!
 2024/04/15 | View:400

Daqing Petrochemical firmly established the business philosophy of "market-oriented, benefit-centered", carefully organized production, helped scientific and technological innovation, and implemented efficiency measures. In the first quarter, the company carried out 567 quality improvement and efficiency improvement projects, with a cumulative efficiency increase of 140 million yuan, achieving a good start in the first quarter.

Daqing Petrochemical Company highlights the "one main line" of great stability, dynamically adjusts the production plan, plant load, production and marketing rhythm, optimizes and decomposes various economic indicators, and implements the whole chain and all-round production and operation optimization. According to the market demand, the refining area optimizes the resource allocation and product structure, and improves the utilization rate of refining capacity by dynamically adjusting the olefin index of catalytic gasoline, improving the oil sealing process, reducing the consumption of "three agents" and other measures, so as to increase the production of marketable, efficient and characteristic refining products. In the first quarter, the output of jet fuel and paraffin products increased by 17,900 tons and 11.8 tons respectively. The chemical industry zone actively organizes high-quality resources such as light hydrocarbons, Russian liquefied gas and naphtha supplied to each other to enter the factory, so as to optimize the raw material structure and increase production. At the same time, the load rate of chemical equipment is further improved, and the parameters are adjusted in time according to the analysis data to ensure the stability of product quality. In the first quarter, the output of propylene and butadiene products increased by 11.23% and 3.18% respectively, which effectively guaranteed the production and market supply of the plant.

Daqing Petrochemical forms new quality productivity with scientific and technological innovation, and creates new kinetic energy to promote development. Aim at the market of high-end featured products, strengthen the "production-research" cooperation with universities and research institutes, continuously increase investment in new product development and research, and increase production of high value-added products. Organize the optimization of brand switching operation of polyethylene plant, clarify the operation process and main connection control points, and improve the qualified rate of polyethylene products. Mooney exceeding the standard and impurity rubber are the main factors that affect the excellent product rate of rubber products. Daqing Petrochemical has steadily improved the excellent product rate of rubber by adding rubber spray filters and strengthening the quality control of "three agents". In March alone, the quantity of excellent products increased by 1387.6 tons year-on-year. Optimize and reduce the operation load of ABS device, and use all the excess butadiene to increase the output of cis-polybutadiene rubber. Since March, the output of cis-butadiene rubber has increased by 1,459.2 tons year-on-year.

Daqing Petrochemical Company strictly manages costs and expenses to achieve hard cost reduction. Since the beginning of this year, Daqing Petrochemical has saved 213,000 tons of steam by reasonably reducing steam tracing and steam in hose stations, accurately controlling the temperature of high-temperature water, and recycling the evacuated steam. By scientifically setting control parameters, implementing process optimization, increasing the amount of water that can be recycled, and reasonably reducing system water replenishment, water resources can be saved. Through the optimization of production operation, the electricity price is "off peak", the running time of large power-consuming equipment is adjusted, and some electric pumps, compressors and fans are scientifically stopped to save electricity. Focusing on improving the thermal efficiency of heating furnace, carefully controlling parameters, applying new furnace tubes, optimizing process flow and reasonably reducing fuel gas consumption.