High impact brand products!
 2024/04/01 | View:304

On March 25th, the author learned that the 200,000-ton/a polypropylene plant of Guangdong Petrochemical Company recently produced the brand of K8003 high impact polypropylene for the first time, and the indicators met the requirements, and it was successfully converted from homopolymer brand S1003 to K8003 high impact polypropylene.

The 200,000 tons/year polypropylene plant of Guangdong Petrochemical Company can produce polypropylene materials such as homopolymerization, random copolymerization and impact copolymerization. K8003 developed this time belongs to impact copolymer polypropylene products, which have the advantages of high rigidity and corrosion resistance, and are widely used in structural parts, automobile components, injection molding parts and so on.

In order to produce high value-added polypropylene products as soon as possible, Guangdong Petrochemical Company gave full play to the advantages of refining and chemical integration and location, and, guided by the market, conducted full research and technical exchanges with South China Sales Company on the downstream market. After technical analysis and in-depth research, a detailed plan for changing production is worked out, and the training of team members is carried out in advance.

During the brand switching, the production personnel cooperated with each other to solve various problems in the trial production process on the spot from the precise control of active control agent, the addition speed of ethylene feed and the adjustment of various parameters. The quality inspection department timely feeds back key indicators such as melting index and ethylene content to ensure that all performance indicators of the products meet the qualified product standards.