Fertilizer products are of high quality and sufficient quantity!
 2024/06/11 | View:44

On May 28, the chemical fertilizer department of Urumqi Petrochemical Company was fully fired, and the crystal white urea was jumping around the clock on the conveyor belt of the prilling tower. In view of the strong demand for chemical fertilizers in the "Three Summers" season, Urumqi Petrochemical insists on stable production and supply, with a daily output of 1,746 tons of urea, which provides a reliable guarantee for crop growth and grain harvest.

As the saying goes, whether there is stamina for jointing depends on whether the fertilizer has kept up. The Chemical Fertilizer Department of Urumqi Petrochemical Company continuously optimizes the production process of "Kunlun" brand urea products and carefully organizes the production. Post staff should monitor and operate carefully in real time, and start with details such as optimizing production process, reducing energy consumption of the device and stabilizing equipment operation parameters, so as to keep the device running stably at full load and complete production tasks as planned. The quality inspection workshop checks the key indexes such as nitrogen content of urea finished products to ensure that the qualified rate of urea reaches 100%. Each bag of "Kunlun" brand urea products has its own "ID card". Farmers can know the production date, batch number, product grade and other information by scanning the QR code on the packaging bag.

Urea containing alginate developed and produced by Urumqi Petrochemical Company has the characteristics of eco-friendly, high efficiency and long fertilizer efficiency, which has been recognized by farmers. "The good reputation of users has made the number of orders for our new products increase year by year." Li Xuan, head of the chemical sales section of the marketing and dispatching department of Urumqi Petrochemical Company, said that in order to seize the agricultural time, the marketing and dispatching department actively determined the specific production time with the production planning department of Urumqi Petrochemical Company according to customer needs; Make clear the delivery plan with customers and implement the daily delivery volume. At the same time, optimize the arrangement of railway dispatching duty, coordinate the allocation of railway and highway vehicle resources and the time of entering the factory, and do a good job in information transmission optimization to ensure the demand for fertilizer in the "three summers" season.