Ethylene project, advanced at a high level!
 2024/06/03 | View:72

On May 22nd, at the construction site of Dushanzi Petrochemical Tarim Phase II ethylene project with a capacity of 1.2 million tons/year, located in the Shangku Petroleum and Petrochemical Industrial Park in Korla, Xinjiang, the noise of machines and electric welding arc came one after another, the project construction was in full swing, and the workers were in full swing.

Dushanzi Petrochemical Tarim 1.2 million tons/year ethylene project is a demonstration project for China Petroleum to give full play to the advantages of upstream and downstream integration and lead the comprehensive utilization of resources with high added value. It is also a "demonstration project" to promote the transformation and upgrading of refining business and achieve high-quality development. It has the characteristics of "light raw materials, high yield, short process, low investment and low cost" and "special materials for products, branding, high-end and diversification".

The project mainly builds 11 sets of main production devices, including 1.2 million tons/year ethylene and 2× 450,000 tons/year full density polyethylene, of which 10 sets adopt independent technology, and the localization rate of equipment reaches 97.4%. The project uses 100% green electricity, and the three cracking machines are all electrically driven, with near zero emissions of carbon dioxide and wastewater. It is planned to be completed and put into operation in September 2026. At present, the overall progress is 2.78%, and the total progress of detailed design, procurement and construction is 6.52%, 3.27% and 1.63% respectively.

According to the principle of "unified command, clear responsibilities, scientific management, overall planning, lean and efficient", the project adopts the management mode of "IPMT+ supervision+contractor", establishes six PMTs (project management departments), clarifies the main responsibilities of PMTs, highlights strong matrix management, and strives to make the project a green and low-carbon demonstration project, a "six-in-one" practice leading project, an advanced domestic electrification project and a project management benchmark project.

In terms of safety management, the company actively introduces scientific tools and methods, makes good use of digital and intelligent supervision means, and builds a "internet plus Safe Production" platform to achieve full coverage, no dead ends and high efficiency of safety management. In terms of quality management, establish a lifelong responsibility system for quality, and register every equipment, every pipeline and every joint, so as to compact the first responsibility of the operator and the supervision responsibility of the gatekeeper. In terms of schedule management, scientifically judge the bottlenecks that restrict the progress of the project, firmly grasp the key points such as bidding and selecting suppliers, designing drawings, and purchasing long-term equipment, seamlessly connect all links, respond in advance, supervise and urge by special personnel, and optimize arrangements.