Ethylene production reached a new high!
 2024/04/08 | View:493

In the first quarter of 2024, Sichuan Petrochemical made full use of its production, operation and transformation and development efficiency. The crude oil processing capacity and ethylene production increased by 13.56% and 5.75% respectively compared with the historical records of the same period, and the production and sales of various high-efficiency products reached a new high, striding forward in the third operation cycle after the overhaul of the whole plant.

Since the beginning of this year, Sichuan Petrochemical has focused on upgrading the whole chain, lean operation and new quality productivity, creating a "troika" for the company's development and promoting high-quality development.

The whole chain of production capacity has been upgraded, and the incremental increase has been made with full horsepower. Since the beginning of this year, the company's operating performance has been reported frequently. The factory output of aviation fuel products reached a record high after 2023, and the passenger throughput was 9.996 million during the Spring Festival travel rush period of Chengdu Aviation Hub. The output of hydrogen products from fuel cells has increased, providing source support for the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing "hydrogen corridor".

The source "living water" activates the full capacity chain, and Sichuan Petrochemical fully plans to expand the channels for crude oil to enter the factory and ensure the stable supply of raw materials. At present, the company has formed a variety of ways of "pipeline+railway+highway" to go hand in hand with crude oil resources into the factory. In the first quarter, the railway loading and unloading volume of crude oil has exceeded the sum of the whole year of 2023.

Consolidate lean operation, do a good job of improving efficiency by both internal and external repair. Sichuan Petrochemical deepened lean management and market development, made great efforts to break through the benefit blocking points in production and operation, and made efforts to maintain a stable business situation by both internal and external repairs to tap the potential and increase efficiency.

Dissect all links and look inward for benefits. The company continuously improves the level of lean management. Deepen and consolidate the "three stresses and one return" mechanism in management, strengthen independent management and benchmarking management, and bring contractors into the daily management of the company simultaneously. Calculate the benefits of different processing schemes in production, carry out heavy oil optimization research, optimize ethylene raw materials, improve ethylene yield, and fully implement various measures to improve quality and efficiency.

Deepen the cooperation between production and marketing, and tap the benefits for the market. Together with Southwest Chemical Sales Company, the company has made in-depth research on countermeasures to reduce the damage rate of rubber and plastic products in railway transportation and unloading at stations, strengthen market research and visits, improve the quality of cis-polybutadiene rubber products, and calibrate the storage capacity of solid warehouses, so as to promote the improvement of operating efficiency. Regularly carry out discussions and exchanges with regional users, deeply understand the market trend, listen to users' opinions and suggestions, produce marketable products, make greater efforts to grasp the market and strive to improve the market share of products.

Focus on new quality productivity and accelerate the creation of new kinetic energy for development. Under the background of struggling to transform and upgrade, Sichuan Petrochemical strives to improve the new quality productivity around the high-end, green and intelligent direction. The company vigorously promoted the speed-up project of new products and materials, and deployed the "10+1" development task in 2024, which significantly accelerated the pace of new product development. Following the completion of the development of HTF03, a new product of high-stiffness polypropylene, a technical research team was quickly set up to organize a new round of product research, a detailed brand switching scheme was formulated, the formulations of catalysts and additives were optimized, and important process indicators were strictly controlled. The middle and high-melting impact polypropylene products CI73H and CI93M were successfully developed again, and new members were added to the product family tree.

The intelligent inspection robot was put into operation, the black screen operation test of DCS system was carried out, and the full-dimensional information scene was built ... Since the beginning of this year, the "black technology" in various professional fields of Sichuan Petrochemical has been constantly presented. The company puts the digital transformation and intelligent development in a more prominent position, empowers the new quality productivity by means of digital intelligence, establishes an intelligent digital platform by introducing high and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, data management and 5G private network, provides high-speed data channels in the factory, realizes real-time data sharing and rapid information circulation, promotes collaborative work among all links, breaks down professional and system barriers, and carries out data-driven intelligent operation.

As a pilot refining and chemical enterprise for the digital transformation and intelligent development of the group company, Sichuan Petrochemical is vigorously implementing the information reinforcement project and promoting the construction of the pilot subject of digital transformation. At present, the factory has built 155 private network base stations covering 7.36 square kilometers, and more than 2,200 mobile terminals have installed digital platform applications to realize real-time mobile processing of various professional services.