Create new polypropylene products!
 2024/05/27 | View:107

"LEP548R high-melting impact polypropylene products have passed the inspection, and the impact strength of simply supported beams has increased by 7.8% year-on-year." On May 17th, machines roared in the polyolefin plant area of Olefin Department of Liaoyang Petrochemical Company, and Gao Dasheng, a process engineer of the plant, was beaming with the inspection results of freshly baked products. "It is the key research topic of our team this year to tackle key problems in product quality and move towards high-end application fields. It took only 36 hours to achieve product performance to meet the needs of downstream customers. "

In recent years, the demand for high-melting impact polypropylene special materials in the domestic market is increasing, and the market share is gradually increasing. Producing high-melting and impact-resistant brand products is the only way to improve the market share and competitiveness of products, and it is also the key measure to promote technological innovation and build polypropylene fist products. Because the melting index of this brand product is nearly four times higher than that of the conventional impact copolymer product, the melting index span is large and the production control is difficult, so it is very difficult to ensure the stability and controllability of the production process.

On the basis of full investigation and understanding of downstream customers' demand for product performance and quality, Gao Dasheng and the technical personnel of the plant select and optimize the formula of catalyst and additive, continuously revise and adjust the data, find the best control point of reaction conditions, and realize accurate control; By sorting out the difficulties and blocking points, repeatedly considering and verifying the trial production plan, improving the production plan and emergency treatment measures, promoting the optimization of production process and conducting operation training, helping the post staff to improve the operation quality and ensuring the implementation and implementation of various indicators and key steps in the plan.

"The device has produced nine brands of polypropylene materials, such as biaxial stretching, random transparency and cast film. Our goal is to make the products produced the best and best, and to create Liaoyang Petrochemical's characteristic products. " Gao Dasheng said. Focusing on the industrial chain and innovation chain's "double-chain integration", Liaoyang Petrochemical has been based on independent technology transformation and application, intensified technological innovation in combination with market demand, continuously enriched product structure, and promoted high-end and differentiation of new product research and development. The output of high value-added special materials accounts for more than 60% of polypropylene output, laying a solid foundation for building a new material industrial base.