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 2023/07/24 | View:177

On July 17, less than 8: 00, Wu Ronghuan, an employee of the rubber and plastic sales market development department of Fushun Petrochemical Marketing and Dispatching Department, began to check the daily prices of chemical products such as polyethylene, polypropylene and styrene-butadiene rubber. After some research and comparison, he began to fill in the Daily Sales Account of Fushun Petrochemical Company.

Since the beginning of this year, Fushun Petrochemical has continuously increased the implementation of sales work to ensure the smooth production of enterprises. In the first half of the year, the sales volume of Fushun Petrochemical's rubber and plastic products in Northeast China and North China increased significantly, and other products also showed a good sales trend.

Refine daily management, and identify the pulse of the market. Fushun Petrochemical takes "quality as the cornerstone, customer is God, market leads the way, win-win and common pursuit" as the guiding principle of marketing work, and makes efforts in multiple dimensions to ensure that it enters the brain and heart, and implements it in the whole chain and every link of enterprise product marketing. For each product, each brand of products, arrange special personnel to be responsible for tracking, keep abreast of market price trends, and establish stable product information channels.

Establish a tacit partner and "link" with the sales company in depth. Since the beginning of this year, Fushun Petrochemical has further strengthened its in-depth "link" with product sales companies, comprehensively understood the trends of customers and downstream industries, helped optimize product flow, and coordinated sales companies to optimize price settings, forming a win-win situation. Rubber and plastic products are the main creative products of Fushun Petrochemical, and new products are emerging one after another. In order to ensure production and promote sales, Fushun Petrochemical and Northeast Chemical Sales Company regularly organize production and marketing convergence meetings to coordinate the production and marketing convergence. At the same time, be a good sales assistant, always grasp the final flow direction and quantity of enterprise products and the product feedback information of terminal manufacturers, and realize the maximization of enterprise benefits.

Institutionalize research and continuously improve customer service level. Fushun Petrochemical has consistently promoted the institutionalization of market research, and continuously improved its product competitiveness in terms of production plan, product quality, product sales, customer service and packaging and transportation. In February of this year, Fushun Petrochemical organized a survey and visit of sales staff, technicians of production plants and sales-related personnel of Northeast Chemical Industry. After learning about the new requirements of downstream enterprises for a new product, Fushun Petrochemical refined several sub-products on the basis of the original products for the first time to meet the new needs of users, stabilize users and ensure that market share does not decline.