Expand the international market!
 2023/01/03 | View:300

Since 2022, the Ministry of Commerce has issued five batches of refined oil export quotas. Under the overall arrangement of the group company, Daqing Petrochemical Company firmly grasped the market opportunity and dynamically adjusted its export production plan, with a total of 314,500 tons of refined oil exported. Among them, 209,900 tons of gasoline, 84,700 tons of No.0 diesel and 19,900 tons of No.-35 diesel were exported, and the two brands of diesel products achieved a "zero" breakthrough in the international market.

Daqing Petrochemical Company seized the favorable opportunity of large demand in domestic and international markets, made use of the advantages of refining and chemical integration and product resources, and completed the "take-out" order of 35,000 tons of No.92 vehicle gasoline before the overhaul of the installation window in May last year. In the following two months, 34,200 tons of No.92 motor gasoline were exported one after another. Daqing Petrochemical Company strictly controls the production, storage, transportation and other links, continuously improves the product quality, carefully calculates the blending ratio according to the export standard, reasonably uses other component oils and additives, tests and analyzes more than 20 indexes including octane number and sulfur content, and reduces the volume content of MTBE component oil to below 9%, far superior to the national standard.

Last July, according to the refined oil export quota issued by the Ministry of Commerce, China Petroleum co-ordinated the current domestic diesel sales and diesel inventory in Northeast China, and determined the No.0 vehicle diesel export plan. At the end of July, the first batch of 40,000 tons of No.0 diesel oil from Daqing Petrochemical Company set off for the Philippines by sea. In order to do a good job in oil export, Daqing Petrochemical actively deployed according to the instructions issued by the group company, and the planning department coordinated and docked relevant departments and units, and fully organized diesel production around index control standards.

In the winter, the market demand for low-pour-point diesel increased sharply. On the basis of stabilizing the market supply of low-pour-point diesel in Inner Mongolia and Northeast China, Daqing Petrochemical Company added a border trade export plan of 20,000 tons-No.35 diesel. In order to ensure the completion of the configuration plan, Daqing Petrochemical Company ensures the upstream and downstream linkage of six production units according to the overall material balance. Focusing on the "bottleneck" problem of low pour point diesel oil production, the research team carried out the process optimization of separate transportation of the second line and the third line, which made the adjustment of product structure and tail oil raw materials in the chemical industry area more flexible, and each set of units always kept high load operation. In November last year, the intensive export task of refined oil brought challenges to the loading operation of trestle. The refinery organized it carefully, and the post staff earnestly carried out loading, sampling inspection, measurement and other operations according to the standard, and timely replaced the loading pipeline to ensure the safety, stability and control of the whole loading process.