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 2022/12/13 | View:59

On December 5th, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company received the information feedback from a large enterprise in Shaanxi Province. The new product 4731B, a special material for type II heat-resistant polyethylene pipe, is in good trial condition and is undergoing a long-term hydrostatic performance test. After the test is completed, it will be purchased in large quantities to replace similar imported products.


Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, guided by "high-precision and special expertise", has built three characteristic product clusters in an advantageous position, namely synthetic resin, synthetic rubber and catalyst, and cultivated new profit growth points. The development of new products ranks among the top in the refining and chemical enterprises of China Petroleum Group, creating favorable conditions for enterprises to optimize product structure and base themselves on the market with high-end products. From January to November, the company completed 33 new refining and chemical product development projects, with the output of new products reaching 223.42% of the planned output, exceeding the annual new product development task.

Among the new products developed by Lanzhou Petrochemical this year, there are 4 Class A products, 9 Class B products and 20 Class C products, further increasing the number of high-end electronic protective films, titanium medium-density and high-density polyethylene, special materials for high-speed packaging films, special materials for lithium battery separators, etc. Especially, for the first time, the company completed the industrial production of 4731B, a special material for type II heat-resistant polyethylene pipe, which filled the domestic gap.

Type ⅱ heat-resistant polyethylene pipe special material 4731B is mainly used in high-temperature hot water pipeline systems such as multi-storey heating and urban heating pipes, which can transport hot water below 95 degrees Celsius for a long time, with a service life of up to 50 years, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, good thermal insulation effect, safe use by customers and convenient construction.

In order to achieve the goal of winning the market with high-quality products, Lanzhou Petrochemical deeply optimized the production process and improved the product performance. By optimizing the ethylene dosage and additive formula of 300,000 tons/year polypropylene plant, the bending modulus of polypropylene series products for high-modulus vehicles was increased by more than 100 MPa compared with last year, which was well received by the majority of automobile modification users. By optimizing the polymerization process parameters of the company's 60,000 tons/year low density polyethylene plant, the problem of low activity of metallocene catalyst has been overcome, and the activity of metallocene polyethylene catalyst has been improved obviously.