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The material is used to make woven bags
 2021/10/28| View:1331

At first, the preliminary communication with the customer learned that the customer planned to purchase Sinopec's polypropylene: T03, which will be used to make woven bags. Based on many years of product experience, our company recommends China Coal Group's pp homopolymer polypropylene: L5E89. In terms of performance and quality, it can fully meet the production needs of customers, and at the same time, it has more advantages in terms of price. The customer appreciates our professional analysis very much, and accepts the proposal put forward by our company, accepts and purchases China Coal Group's polypropylene: L5E89, the purchase amount is 1,000 tons.

Secondly, in terms of payment methods, our company requires customers to pay 30% of the total amount in advance as advance payment, and pay the remaining 70% of the balance before the goods start to ship. The customer accepts our terms and makes new requirements for our company. Ask us to record the delivery video of the goods in real time every day for them. To this end, our company arranges international business leaders and professional technicians to arrive at the loading port within 48 hours, and continue to take pictures of the goods for customers 24 hours a day. The client expressed his appreciation for our professionalism and sense of responsibility, and paid 70% of the balance 4 days in advance.

Finally, after 50 days of sea voyage, the cargo arrived safely at the unloading port. After receiving the goods, the customer arranged a large-scale production test for China Coal L5E89 as soon as possible. There is no doubt that China Coal L5E89 has passed all the production tests perfectly. The customer is very satisfied and is very satisfied with our professional capabilities and The extremely responsible attitude gave a high evaluation, and immediately signed the purchase contract of 3000 tons of China Coal L5E89 with our company again.

Through this cooperation, our company will continue to provide all customers with better services and qualified products. We look forward to more cooperation with customers. Thank you very much.