The second phase of ethylene project started construction!
 2023/08/21 | View:199

On August 7th, Dushanzi Petrochemical Company held the construction promotion meeting of Tarim 1.2 million tons/year ethylene project, which marked that the project entered the construction stage in an all-round way. At this point, Dushanzi Petrochemical took the step of marching into the "chemical aircraft carrier" with an annual ethylene production capacity of over 3 million tons.

This project is a "demonstration project" for China Petroleum to promote the transformation and upgrading of refining and chemical business and achieve high-quality development. It was included in the national petrochemical industry development plan on July 18th and approved by Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on July 24th.

The project will build 11 sets of main production plants, including 1.2 million tons/year ethylene, 450,000 tons/year full density polyethylene and 300,000 tons/year low density polyethylene, and the localization rate of process plants exceeds that of ninety-seven percent. The project will support the construction of a green and low-carbon demonstration project, with 100% use of green electricity, leading the industry in electrification rate and comprehensive energy consumption, and near zero emission of carbon dioxide and sewage from the cracking furnace flue gas.

The project will make full use of high-quality raw materials in Tarim Basin, with advanced and mature technical route and environmental friendliness. The product planning highlights the characteristics of "special materials, branding, high-end and diversification", with an annual output of more than 2 million tons of high-end polyolefin and high-performance rubber materials, further improving the localization rate of domestic petrochemical industry chain supply chain.