Polypropylene new product!
 2023/07/03 | View:196

On June 26th, the new product FH0303, a special material for polypropylene aluminized film developed by Fushun Petrochemical Company, was successfully sent to downstream manufacturers and entered the trial stage. This indicates that the product has got through the whole process of "production, marketing, research and application", and the polypropylene family likes to add "new talent".

For a long time, Fushun Petrochemical Company closely followed the market demand, gave full play to the advantages of "production, marketing, research and utilization", combined with the process characteristics of polypropylene plant, aimed at differentiation, characteristics and high-end direction, and carried out product development and production, forming a series of universal films, customized films, special films and high-end films, which mainly focused on products such as wire drawing, middle melt finger impact resistance, transparent injection molding and high melt finger impact resistance, so as to meet the diversified needs of domestic polypropylene market.

The special material for polypropylene aluminized film has strong adhesion to aluminum layer, good tensile strength, gloss and moisture permeability barrier, and can be widely used in high-end packaging, floor heating and insulation, etc. Compared with the general film material, it can increase the efficiency by more than 100 yuan per ton, which has a good market prospect.

Before the new product development of FH0303, Fushun Petrochemical Company fully carried out simulation deduction, and made special efforts to solve technical problems such as "narrow control range of melt index is easy to cause system fluctuation", dynamically optimized the proportion of additives and new product development plan, formulated special emergency plans, and implemented control measures to ensure the safety control of process index adjustment, extruder parameter control and product brand switching. In the development, the employees in the post cooperate closely and operate in strict accordance with the production plan, so as to realize the transition-free switching. The technicians carried out the 24-hour rotation scheme, strictly controlled the key parameters such as soluble matter and accurately controlled the indexes such as melting index, and successfully completed the development of the new product FH0303, a special material for aluminum plating film. All the quality indexes of the new product have reached the expected goal.