Create a "product giant"!
 2023/06/05 | View:214

Daqing Refining & Chemical Company has successively completed the trial production of new polypropylene brands H2464, EP548S and EA5075, and all the indexes of the products meet the factory standards, which indicates that Daqing Refining & Chemical Company has the production capacity of high-melting, medium-melting and low-melting products, and realizes the full range of polypropylene impact copolymer products.

With the rapid development of domestic refining and chemical industry, the contradiction between overcapacity and low added value of bulk products and shortage of high-end products and differentiated products has become increasingly prominent. Daqing Refining & Chemical Company keeps in mind the mission of serving the country with science and technology, continuously increases the research and development efforts, and goes all out to broaden the market field. Last year, this company successively developed and produced 11 brands of polypropylene products, such as EP300K and EP540N, which enriched the product categories, expanded the creative space, and continuously improved the product quality stability and market recognition.

Since the beginning of this year, Daqing Refining and Chemical Company has made full use of the integrated coordination mechanism of "production, marketing, research, storage and transportation" to take the initiative to fight for market share. Marketing personnel conduct in-depth market research, coordinate and contact chemical sales companies in various regions, actively collect market information, and fully understand the market demand and development prospects of new products. "Our company has been deeply involved in the polypropylene industry for many years, and has obvious advantages in production and marketing linkage, product promotion and technological innovation. As long as there is demand in the market, we will work hard and never miss any opportunity." The staff of product marketing center said.

H2464 product is the raw material of power cable conduit, which is suitable for municipal, telecommunications, electric power and other pipeline engineering fields and has a certain market demand. After the products were analyzed by the research team of Daqing Refining and Chemical Company, the molecular structure design of H2464 and the development of special additives system were completed in the laboratory, and the basic development route of the products was determined.

In the process of industrial trial production, Daqing Refinery strengthened its production organization. According to the product performance index, the production department continuously optimizes and adjusts the operating parameters, accurately controls the amount of hydrogen and ethylene added to the reactor, and encrypts the test frequency to ensure the product quality is qualified. At present, 300 tons of trial-produced products have been delivered to users. In the next step, the company will improve according to the needs of users, complete mass production with faster speed and higher quality, build Daqing Refining and Chemical Brand Project, increase the economic benefits of enterprises and fill the gap in domestic mass production.

The products EP548S and EA5075 developed by the company are all special materials with high melting point, high impact resistance, high modulus, low odor and low VOC, which are mainly used to produce automobile interior parts, such as instrument panels, doorposts, air ducts and air ducts. This product has strict requirements on smell. In order to reduce the odor of products, Daqing Refining and Chemical Company has formulated corresponding measures after in-depth research to ensure the quality of products to meet the standards.

The integration of production and marketing, one-stop service after scientific research, one-stop cooperation in production organization and product trial. Daqing Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. strives to achieve more quality, more benefit and more sustainable development on the road of accelerating transformation and upgrading, striving to build a "product giant" and improving market competitiveness.