High-end products!
 2023/05/15 | View:417

From January to April this year, Lanzhou Petrochemical produced 44,800 tons of polypropylene medical material RP260, a year-on-year increase of 104.4%, a record high. "As a leader in polyolefin' high-end' products, the output of RP260 products is expected to reach 100,000 tons this year, and the efficiency can exceed 100 million yuan." Zhang Hongxing, deputy director of Lanzhou Petrochemical Planning and Development Department, said confidently.


Medical material RP260 is a member of the "high-end" product sequence of polyolefin in Lanzhou Petrochemical Company. In addition, polypropylene SP179, EP533N, metallocene polyethylene, medical polyethylene LD26D, etc., are all the top products of Lanzhou Petrochemical, and they are also the "big households" for the company to break through the market and increase benefits.

The development of new products adheres to the route of "high-end, serialization and customization", which has a tradition in Lanzhou Petrochemical. "Every' high-end' product has to be honed for 5 to 10 years before it can become the darling of the market." Gao Yan, deputy director of Lanzhou Petrochemical Technology Innovation Center, said.

Focusing on new energy, new materials and new products, Lanzhou Petrochemical has always been guided by "high-precision and special expertise" and invested a lot of manpower, material resources and funds, from product identification, research and development, production and application to scheme optimization, quality improvement, product promotion and technical services, etc., all-round planning and precise promotion, so that each product is more forward-looking and core competitive.

The "high-end" products of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company have blossomed in an all-round way: five complete sets of technologies, such as medical polyolefin resin, "three highs and two lows" automotive polypropylene and metallocene polyethylene, have been developed to form a series of special materials for medical use, pipes, cables, high-end films and thin-wall injection molding. Among them, the complete set of metallocene polyethylene production technology won the "Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress of China Petroleum" in 2022, and the "Development and Application of Polyolefin Resin Technology for Medical Packaging Materials" won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Gansu Province in 2021.

At the same time, major products have become a "fragrant cake" in the market: medical material RP260 fills the domestic gap of this technology and realizes large-scale application in many pharmaceutical companies across the country; Many brands of products, such as polypropylene SP179 and EP533N, have excellent performance and are welcomed by users. Polyethylene products have advanced technology, many product brands and good quality, and become brand products.

"If you want to have a say in the market, you have to rely on products to speak." Zhang Hongxing said, "At present, Lanzhou Petrochemical, with its strong technological innovation capability, focuses on researching and developing new products such as ultra-clean dielectric materials, EVA and POE, and actively develops and provides customized services for customers, and continues to lead in the production of high-end polyolefin products in China."