Raw materials for medical care!
 2023/01/09 | View:212

Since December 2022, with the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control measures, the market demand of N95 and other medical masks has increased sharply, and the market gap of high melt index polypropylene powder as its important raw material has also appeared. By the end of December, 2022, Southwest Chemical Sales Company had arranged and produced 10,970 tons of RP260, S2040 and NX40S medical materials, and sold 10,578 tons, effectively solving the urgent needs of key customers.


In order to fully guarantee the supply of medical and health raw materials in the region, Southwest Chemical Sales Company overcame the difficulties of personnel shortage and regional transportation restrictions, and contacted the medical enterprises in the region at the first time, coordinated various resources, optimized transportation schemes and production process schemes through online technical exchanges and on-site visits, and helped customers solve problems in product transportation and processing and application.

Southwest Chemical Sales earnestly implements the "24-character" marketing policy, gives full play to the market frontier and channel advantages, actively coordinates the production enterprises and downstream enterprises of the group company to fully arrange production, and makes every effort to improve the production capacity of medical raw materials such as RP260, S2040 and NX40S. At the same time, the storage and transportation department will assign special personnel to closely track the logistics progress, solve the logistics transportation obstruction problem caused by epidemic situation in time, and ensure that raw materials are delivered to customers in a timely and efficient manner.