High-end characteristic rubber industry chain!
 2022/12/19 | View:47

Lanzhou Petrochemical concentrated its technical force on the performance, use and substitution of synthetic rubber products, and extensively applied new technologies to develop new products, extending the high-end characteristic product chain of synthetic rubber. As of December 12th, this year, 8 new synthetic rubber product development and production tasks have been completed, and 4,717 tons of products have been produced.


Styrene-butadiene rubber SBR1721 is the fist product of incremental sales expansion of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, which is mainly used for processing motorcycle tire tread. Compared with other existing brands of styrene-butadiene rubber, it is difficult to control the Mooney viscosity of this brand of rubber products. Lanzhou Petrochemical Rubber Factory organized technicians to tackle key problems, and adopted measures such as low-load production and "blank material" partition to ensure product quality and meet the technical index requirements of downstream processing enterprises.

NBR1906 nitrile butadiene rubber is a new product with low nitrile butadiene rubber, which has a good balance between low temperature, elasticity and oil resistance, and can be widely used in packaging, gaskets, oil seals, etc. In late September, this product was put into industrial trial production for the first time in Lanzhou Petrochemical's 35,000 tons/year special nitrile rubber plant, and the performance of the product reached the index requirements.

In May this year, after Lanzhou Petrochemical's 35,000-ton/year special nitrile rubber plant was successfully built and qualified products were produced, the company formed a synthetic rubber industrial pattern of "100,000 tons of nitrile rubber+150,000 tons of styrene butadiene rubber", which can produce different types of nitrile rubber, and became a nitrile rubber manufacturer with the largest production capacity, the most complete varieties and the most brands in China.