Polypropylene new product!
 2022/11/14 | View:17

"We keep an eye on the market demand, optimize the product structure by relying on the existing equipment, strive to form a series of products, and successfully develop a new brand of random copolymer polypropylene LRP220M with high ethylene content. After inspection and analysis, the new product indicators meet the standards, and the product quality meets the development expectations. " On November 3, Han Naibing, an engineer in olefin operation department of Liaoyang Petrochemical Company, said.


Liaoyang Petrochemical's LRP220M polypropylene products are cast film series products, which have the characteristics of good transparency, high gloss, good stiffness, good moisture resistance, good heat resistance and easy heat sealing. They are widely used in the packaging field of textiles, flowers and food, and their ethylene content reaches 5%, which can reduce the melting starting temperature and ending temperature of the film processing process. It is very beneficial to the high-speed film-making process of downstream users and can greatly improve the production efficiency of downstream users. The production process belongs to China.

Liaoyang Petrochemical strengthened its technology to establish an enterprise, aimed at the market demand, made great efforts in "research", fully cultivated differentiated, high-end and characteristic products, and "one product and one policy" strengthened the research and development of new products. Professional and technical personnel of each operation department cooperated closely, organized repeated research on the production process, explored the production parameters, analyzed the technical difficulties in the production conversion process one by one, scientifically optimized the production plan, adjusted the reaction control data and extrusion granulation parameters one by one, and successively overcome the problems of forming lumps in local hot spots and conglutinating granules in granulation, and realized the first batch of 2,400 tons of new brand products successfully converted into production at one time. Up to now, Liaoyang Petrochemical has continuously developed six brands of new polypropylene products, with a cumulative production of 184,000 tons.