Help the application of new product ASP flooding technology!
 2022/11/07 | View:34

On November 1st, the reporter learned from Daqing Refining & Chemical Company that the new product "Petroleum Sulfonate for Fracturing and Oil Displacement" independently developed by the company showed excellent performance in oil-water interfacial tension, imbibition and emulsification in the alkali-free and high-temperature environment of Fuyu reservoir on the periphery of Daqing Oilfield, and the crude oil recovery rate was greatly improved, and the monthly oil increase of a single test well was nearly 100 tons.


As a surfactant, petroleum sulfonate is one of the most important agents in ASP flooding technology. Over the years, the company has been carrying out technical research and development in the aspects of supporting technology development of petroleum sulfonate industrialization, product performance improvement and oil displacement system optimization. After learning about the exploitation demand of Fuyu reservoir in the periphery of Daqing Oilfield, they used the accumulated technical reserves for many years to develop products that met the requirements in only two months, and won the first place in the evaluation of nearly 20 samples from seven companies.

"This new product, with brand-new formula and sulfonation process parameters, broke through the three difficulties of' sulfonation depth is difficult to control, raw material index range is narrow, and staff operating space is small', and finally realized industrial mass production." Yuan Yong, a researcher in the sulfonate project team of the research institute, said.