Ensure stable production!
 2022/10/31 | View:32

The reporter learned from the Planning Department of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company that the company firmly grasped the favorable opportunity to recover the demand of refined oil market, scientifically organized production and operation, strengthened the integrated planning of production, transportation and sales, and achieved smooth production and operation under high inventory. In September, the crude oil processed by Lanzhou Petrochemical Company increased by 5.6% compared with the same period of last year, and the output of gasoline and diesel, refining catalyst and other indicators were well completed.


Recently, the consumption of chemical products and refined oil has slowed down. Lanzhou Petrochemical Company continuously optimizes resource allocation and product structure to keep the balance of production and sales; According to the change of market demand, scientifically adjust the ratio of diesel to gasoline, and realize the increase of diesel production, sales and efficiency. Lanzhou Petrochemical Company has successively opened up the processes of sending dry gas from chemical ethylene to ethylbenzene, returning methanol-removed wastewater and so on, and successfully put into use hexene -1 and acrylonitrile truck unloading facilities, which provided strong support for operation optimization and raw material supply guarantee.

Based on the principle of safety and stability, the company efficiently completed the maintenance and resumption of delayed coking, polypropylene, sulfur and other devices, and laid a solid foundation for stable production; In addition, through scientific research and judgment, the company quickly disposed of sudden failures such as hydrogen pipeline in refinery area, expansion joint at the outlet of heavy booster, leakage of jet fuel hydrogenation air cooling water injection point, etc., to ensure stable and controlled production and operation.