Promote the smooth operation of production and operation!
 2022/10/24 | View:321

Recently, Daqing Petrochemical Company launched a sprint to complete the annual production and operation target. On October 14th, Daqing Petrochemical Company's ethylene output exceeded 1 million tons, achieving the breakthrough of annual output of 1 million tons for seven consecutive years.

"Golden September and Silver 10" is an important period to improve enterprise benefits at present. anniversary Petrochemical Company accurately grasps the market rules, strengthens market analysis and forecast and situation judgment, and conducts timely tracking accounting. All production units flexibly adjust the product structure, strive to increase production and efficient products, and constantly improve profitability.

Each unit of Daqing Petrochemical Company defined its management responsibility, implemented various security measures, continuously monitored the operation of the plant, and strictly controlled various process parameters to ensure the stable, long and excellent operation of the plant.


With the recent sudden drop in temperature, all units of Daqing Petrochemical Company conscientiously sum up the previous winter production experience, and prepare, revise and approve the winter operation method in advance to ensure the smooth winter of the plant. No.1 Chemical Plant, No.2 Chemical Plant and other units strictly implement the post patrol inspection system and shift-over system, and focus on monitoring the parts and weak links that are easy to coagulate, freeze and other parts that may affect safety production, and deal with problems in time. Refineries and water gas plants should strengthen the monitoring of wind dew point of outgoing instruments to ensure the stable operation of drying system; All relevant production units shall do a good job in regular and fixed-point condensate discharge of instrument air pipelines.

Cadres at all levels in party member play a vanguard and exemplary role, strictly implement the responsibility for production safety, and conduct in-depth investigation of potential safety hazards, thus creating favorable conditions for smooth transition and orderly production of enterprises.