EP408N market continues to break through!
 2022/08/01 | View:12

On July 20th, there was good news from East China Chemical Sales Company. Zhejiang Pulite Company plans to completely replace an imported material with the modified material EP408N of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company from July this year. This marks a breakthrough in market promotion of EP408N, a car modified material produced by the company.


EP408N, a modified material for automobiles produced by Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, has become a high-end product in the industry with its excellent properties of high melting index, high impact strength, high flexural modulus, low odor and low VOC. It is widely used in automobile shell, interior decoration and other fields, which can not only reduce automobile manufacturing costs, but also reduce automobile fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

The company adheres to customer-centered and market-oriented, continuously tracks the customer feedback information after the vehicle modified EP408N is put on the market, continuously optimizes the process parameters, strengthens the control of the production process, stabilizes the performance of products and improves the quality of products. From January to June this year, on the premise of keeping the impact strength unchanged, the flexural modulus increased by about 10%, which greatly met the processing needs of downstream customers and further enhanced the product competitiveness.