New polypropylene products are released!
 2022/07/25 | View:22

On July 16th, after two weeks of continuous and stable operation, the annual 300,000-ton polypropylene plant of Liaoyang Petrochemical Company successfully completed the production task of 7,836 tons of HP565S polypropylene products. This is the fourth brand polypropylene product that has been trial-produced since the unit was put into production.

Liaoyang Petrochemical Company takes advantage of the integration of production, marketing, research and application, keeps up with the market, and takes the demand of customers as the guide, so as to timely convert new brand polyolefin products that are marketable and increase the added value of products. The converted HP565S fiber material has the characteristics of small fluctuation of melt finger, narrow molecular weight distribution, and good compatibility with elastomer. In the spinning process, it has the advantages of continuous spinning, good flexibility, and high gloss. It is mainly used in high-end health and medical fields, and has a good market prospect.


Faced with the problems of large span and high viscosity of new products, which are easy to produce lumps, complicated production process, and easy to cause extruder shutdown, local technicians worked out detailed production conversion plans in advance, formulated more optimized switching control measures, and ensured that every link from powder melting finger adjustment, extruder parameter adjustment to product silo switching had state confirmation and technical support. During the conversion period, cadres and employees of Liaoyang Petrochemical Company cooperated closely and operated in strict accordance with the switching scheme, so as to minimize the generation of transition materials, greatly reduce the energy consumption and material consumption of the plant, and maximize the product capacity.