New nitrile rubber products!
 2022/07/18 | View:32

In the first ten days of July, Lanzhou Petrochemical Synthetic Rubber Factory completed the industrial trial production of NBR2805G, a new brand nitrile rubber product, for the first time in the batch line of 35,000 tons/year special nitrile rubber plant, and all the indexes of the product reached the top grade. This marks a substantial step towards high-end and customized production of NBR in Lanzhou Petrochemical Company.

NBR2805G is a new brand of nitrile rubber developed, which is mainly used in the fields of oil-resistant rubber hose and oil-resistant seal with high requirements for cold resistance, oil resistance and processability. At present, most of the oil-resistant nitrile butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber materials in China are imported, which is expensive and has a long procurement process.

According to the feedback from market research, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company cooperated with China Petroleum & Petrochemical Research Institute and Northwest Chemical Sales Company in research, production and sales, and jointly completed the development of NBR2805G preparation technology of nitrile rubber. NBR2805G, a new nitrile rubber product, is the first batch brand with high-end customization in batch line since the 35,000-ton/year special nitrile rubber plant was put into production in May.

To ensure the smooth industrial trial production of NBR2805G, Lanzhou Petrochemical Synthetic Rubber Factory actively organized and coordinated all the work before the production, deeply cooperated and exchanged with Lanzhou Chemical Research Center, and implemented the product scheduling plan according to the market research results and market demand of Northwest Sales Company, combined with the promotion of target customers. With reference to the production experience of other similar products, the synthetic rubber factory aims at the key factors in process control, determines the product performance and key process control parameters in the production process, and formulates and implements safeguard measures one by one.

7-18-1.pngLanzhou Petrochemical Company strictly implements the special control scheme of "one product, one policy" for new products in the production process. The workshop arranges special personnel to track every key link in the whole process of production, and organizes technical backbones to carry out technical research in production practice to ensure product quality control and stable operation of the plant.

NBR2805G brand NBR2805G fully meets the specified index requirements, and some physical indexes are better than those of foreign countries, which is of great significance to enhance the company's market competitiveness, speed up the upgrading of quality and efficiency, and achieve high-quality development.