Polyethylene injection new products!
 2022/06/27 | View:51

The 300,000-ton/year full-density polyethylene plant of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company successfully converted to high-fluidity polyethylene DMDA8920, which enriched the types of polyethylene products and promoted the action of quality improvement and value creation.


DMDA8920, a high fluidity polyethylene product, has good thermal weldability, processability, impact toughness, low temperature resistance and electrical insulation. It is widely used in injection molding parts, with good processing adaptability and broad market prospects.

During the production conversion process, the management and technical staff of ethylene plant followed the whole process, guided the adjustment of process parameters at any time, and timely coordinated the cooperation of quality inspection, electrical instruments and other related departments. Operators strictly implement the production conversion plan, carefully supervise the production, and focus on controlling key parameters such as reaction pressure, temperature, hydrogen-ethylene ratio, catalyst addition, as well as load improvement and product quality stability, and refine the key operation and index adjustment range to ensure the stability and control of the whole production process.