New products of full density polyethylene are released!
 2022/06/17 | View:20

Good news came from Lanzhou Petrochemical Ethylene Plant. Recently, 300,000 tons/year full-density polyethylene was successfully converted into a new product DNDC7148 rolling plastic, which marked the "addition of new talents" to the polyethylene titanium family of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company.


All-density polyethylene resin DNDC7148 products are mainly used to produce hollow containers, industrial barrels, outdoor storage containers, etc., and have broad market prospects. The successful development and production of this product has realized the full range coverage of low-density, medium-density and high-density titanium products in Lanzhou Petrochemical's 300,000 tons/year full-density polyethylene plant, which can meet the diversified processing needs of the market and enhance the market competitiveness of Lanzhou Petrochemical's titanium products.

In the process of production conversion, the management and technical personnel of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company watched and guided the whole process, coordinated and solved the technical problems in the production process, mastered the first-hand production data, summarized and optimized the production process in time, and ensured the safety and stability of production conversion. The post operators strictly implement the "four have one card" operation, confirm step by step, keep an eye on the changing trend of product density, accurately adjust the key parameters such as reactor temperature and ethylene partial pressure, analyze the melting index of powder and granular products every hour, and dynamically adjust the dosing ratio of various raw materials and catalysts according to the analysis data to ensure that the whole process of product quality is controlled.