Quality and efficiency of isobutylene unit are improved.
 2022/06/13 | View:24

"The opening of steam control valve is adjusted and optimized to 60%, and the steam consumption is greatly reduced." On May 31st, the ether tower of isobutene unit of Jilin Petrochemical Company was overhauled, and a successful start-up was achieved, and high-quality isobutene products were successfully produced.


Jilin Petrochemical has pushed forward the action of improving quality and increasing efficiency to create value, based on the fact that the market situation of isobutylene products is good, and concentrated on the high-load optimization operation of the plant. Aiming at the problem of insufficient evaporation capacity of the ether tower in isobutylene plant, the technicians of the key research group finally found out the problem of local blockage in the connecting pipe between the ether tower kettle and the bottom of the reboiler, which affected the steam flow. For this reason, the technical staff worked out a dredging scheme of "from bottom to top, first through and then through", which effectively avoided the risk of the broken coking residue entering the reboiler and causing blockage again.

The isobutylene unit runs more energy-saving, while the conversion rate and product quality of the unit are simultaneously improved. Compared with before the overhaul, the conversion rate of the unit increased by 0.49% and the isobutylene content increased by 0.04%, which ensured the stable operation of the isobutylene unit, increased production and increased efficiency.