Polypropylene "new member"
 2022/06/06 | View:31

The reporter learned from Daqing Refining & Chemical Company that the new polypropylene product RP270G developed by this company has a trial production of 320 tons, and all production indexes have reached the expected requirements.


"From design and development to trial production, we finally successfully produced transparent random extrusion blow molding product RP270G. This product will fill some gaps in the Chinese market, and its application prospect is very broad. " Wang Zhengyong, director of the third polypropylene operation area of Daqing Petrochemical Company, said excitedly.

Daqing Refining & Chemical Company insists on supporting transformation and upgrading with high-quality scientific and technological supply, creating efficiency by adding value to the industry, keeping a close eye on the development direction and changing trend of polypropylene field, creating a more distinctive process route, forming a more competitive refining and chemical industry chain, cultivating more individual champion products, and making them more distinctive, stronger and superior.

At present, Daqing Refinery owns more than 40 brands of products in four categories: pipe material series, membrane series, fiber material series and general material series. Among them, PA14D, a hot water pipe material, has become the key purchasing material of Zhejiang Weixing, Guangdong Rifeng and other well-known enterprises, and its sales share in the national pipe material market accounts for more than 1/3. Material XH1356 has become a domestic patent product.