Create a high-end synthetic rubber production base!
 2022/05/30 | View:59

At 10: 56 on May 20th, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company built a new 35,000 tons/year special nitrile rubber plant to produce qualified products. The device was successfully completed and put into operation, and the start-up was successful once.


The 35,000-ton/year special nitrile rubber project is a key construction project of PetroChina and Gansu Province, and it is also a key project for Lanzhou Petrochemical Company to speed up refining and chemical structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and improve quality and efficiency. It plays an important role in consolidating and developing nitrile rubber market, increasing domestic nitrile rubber market share and building a high-end synthetic rubber production base.

Lanzhou Petrochemical Company is the "cradle" of new china rubber industry. On May 20th, 1960, it produced the first butadiene-styrene rubber in China, and in 1962, it produced the first butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber in China, which got rid of the situation that rubber depended on imports. After that, Lanzhou Petrochemical successively completed and put into operation the first nitrile rubber plant and the first ethylene-propylene rubber plant in China, which made positive contributions to the development of China's rubber industry. Since the 21st century, Lanzhou Petrochemical has vigorously carried out technological innovation, tackling key problems and technical transformation in the rubber industry, comprehensively improved the technical level of rubber production, and became an influential rubber production base in China.

The 35,000-ton/year special nitrile rubber plant adopts independent intellectual property technology, and its products cover more than 30 brands of general, special, low nitrile, medium nitrile and high nitrile. The completion and commissioning of this unit indicates that Lanzhou Petrochemical has taken substantial steps in building a high-end synthetic rubber production base.