Technology empowerment of polypropylene production.
 2022/05/16 | View:85

On May 9th, the reporter learned in Dushanzi Petrochemical Company that this company successfully produced 1,000 tons of metallocene polypropylene mPP35S products by environmental management technology, which eliminated the odor problem caused by degradation production.


Metallocene polypropylene, as a high value-added polypropylene product, is mainly used in meltblown materials and high-end sanitary products in the medical field, and it is one of the new directions of high-end development of polypropylene industry.

It is the first time in China to produce metallocene polypropylene by environmental management technology. Since 2019, Dushanzi Petrochemical Company has actively explored the practice without any information, conscientiously summed up all previous experiences and lessons, constantly improved the production plan, carried out technical research around the material blockage problem, and finally broke through the bottleneck of production technology, realizing long-term operation of the plant.

The Party Committee of the Company strongly supports Polyolefin No.2 to strengthen the research and development and trial production of new products, and to establish a fault-tolerant mechanism. The losses caused by device fluctuations in the research and development of new products and trial production of new catalysts will not be included in the assessment.

The second part of polyolefin strictly implemented the production technical scheme, actively optimized and adjusted, and ensured the overall control of the whole production process.