The production of triphenyl reached a new high!
 2024/06/17 | View:384

On June 16th, the reporter learned from Daqing Petrochemical Company that as the price of "triphenyl" continued to rise, Daqing Petrochemical set up a research team to seize the favorable opportunity of the market and take various measures to increase the output of petroleum benzene and achieve the goal of increasing production and creating efficiency. As of June 16th, Daqing Petrochemical has produced a total of 208,100 tons of "triphenyl" this year, an increase of 12,800 tons year-on-year, a record high.

Optimizing operation parameters to improve the yield of benzene precursors from the source. Daqing Petrochemical Company flexibly adjusted the temperature of naphtha fractionator bottom and sensitive plate according to the feed composition of the unit, and the initial distillation point of refined oil was reduced from 73 degrees Celsius to about 70 degrees Celsius, which increased the potential content of C6 aromatics and realized benzene increase and efficiency increase.

Optimize the operation of fractionation system to improve the yield of benzene. In order to reduce the loss of benzene, technicians have comprehensively improved the aromatic hydrocarbon yield by adjusting the temperature of the bottom of the depentanizer and the sensitive plate, stabilizing the reforming oil separation tower, and adjusting the extractive distillation tower.

Increase the load of extraction feed and increase the yield of benzene. Technicians improve the feed rate of the extraction system by increasing the processing load of the continuous reforming unit. At present, the system feeds 71.5 tons per hour, which is running at full capacity, and the maximum daily production of "triphenyl" reaches 1629 tons.