Polyethylene special material!
 2024/07/08 | View:172

On June 24th, the reporter was informed that Fushun Petrochemical successfully developed HPE80, a special material for high-flow polyethylene, and all the values of the product met the requirements of control indicators. Up to now, the output of HPE8, a special material for high-flow polyethylene, has reached 253.7 tons, which has been put into the market as planned, providing solid support for the company to create efficiency.

High-flow polyethylene special material is widely used in the production of thin-walled products. After in-depth investigation, technicians found that the product has strong demand in North China market and good development prospects. "At present, the market price per ton of high-flow polyethylene special material is at least higher than that of polyethylene general material in 150 yuan." Sean, head of the technical team of Fushun Petrochemical Ethylene Department, said.

Because of its good balance between rigidity and toughness, high transparency, low shrinkage and warpage, the high-flow polyethylene special material has better sensory properties than polypropylene products and is more suitable for making food packaging materials. Fushun Petrochemical Company gives full play to the advantages of solution polyethylene process, and makes every effort to develop higher-end HPE80 products on the basis of high-flow polyethylene special material HPE60.

In order to ensure the success of one-time production conversion, the ethylene department of Fushun Petrochemical Company strictly standardized the process formula and the control conditions of polymerization process, especially explained the adjustment of main control parameters in detail, and accurately controlled the dosage of "three agents" to ensure the stability of polymerization reaction. In addition, technicians pay close attention to the production process parameters in the granulation process, work in strict accordance with the operating procedures, and strictly control safety and quality to achieve the first trial production success. The success of this production conversion has enriched the product structure of polyethylene, which indicates that Fushun Petrochemical has taken a solid step on the road of innovation and efficiency.

For a long time, Fushun Petrochemical has always taken product innovation as its kinetic energy, relied on traditional industries, persisted in establishing enterprises through technology, sought innovation and breakthrough, continuously developed and produced high-end, serialized and customized new products and brands, further exerted the advantages of various devices, broadened the product matrix, enhanced the market competitiveness of featured products, and accumulated strength for high-quality development through practical actions.